Usborne Books & More

UBAM is a GREAT Business Opportunity!

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1. The Product

As you read our books you will fall in love with them more and more. And so will your children!! Most new recruits were past hostesses or guests because they LOVE our books.

2. Product is NOT Over-Priced

Our books are very high quality and cost thousands of dollars to produce, but yet 80% of our titles are still under $10! Compare this to other direct sales companies – most of their products are over-priced in comparison to what is found in a retail store. That makes a difference for people who are considering booking a show. Party hosts love that they can offer their friends a high quality product that is worthwhile to have. And with UBAM’s money-saving options, it is a great value for customers.

3. Wide Variety

A lot of companies have a small product line and/or that are limited to certain ages or gender specific, thus limiting the market base and potential recruits (men could sell makeup but most likely won’t). Usborne Books & More is a business opportunity for both men and women with over 2000 books items to offer to parents, grandparents, kids, schools, libraries, community groups and organizations.

4. No Monthly Minimums

This makes Usborne Books & More perfect fit for those with full-time jobs looking for a second stream of income, those with families, those looking for something seasonal – anyone looking for flexibility.

5. No Inventory

Simply display sample books and use catalogs for people to place orders – no need to carry inventory. For booth events you can order books on consignment and pay them off after your event.

6. No Delivering

With UBAM, Consultants have the option of sending party orders directly to the hostess. Plus, all website sales are automatically packed/shipped to the customer from the corporate warehouse w/o Consultants having to process anything.

7. NOT Required to Buy New Titles

Consultants are not required to purchase new titles or new kits each season renew your Consultants status – the option to add new titles is YOUR CHOICE! 😉 Once you are a consultant you are always a consultant and can restart at any time.

8. No Territories

With Usborne Books & More you can move around the USA and not lose your team-building efforts. Some companies have territories, meaning that you can only recruit in your certain local area and that if you move you have to start from zero all over again! It is important in our mobile society for people to know they can build and take this business with them.

9. Several Marketing Options

Not Limited to Only Home Parties!  You can choose the marketing avenue that best suits you and your family.  And as your family grows, the business model allows you to change and adapt to other marketing options.

  • Home Parties
  • Facebook Parties
  • Internet Sales
  • School/Library Sales
  • Literacy for a Lifetime – A 50% Matching Grant Program
  • Reach for the Stars Fundraisers and Book Bonanzas
  • Cards for a Cause Fundraisers – up to a 43% cash return
  • Book Fairs offering up to 50% in free books

There is something for everyone no matter what their style or local market is!!

10. Plenty of Room for More!

Usborne Books & More is old enough to be financially stable and growing strong. – yet, young enough for anyone to start a business in their community. Compared with older, larger companies, we’ve only just begun.

Build a team & GROW with us!

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