4.8 – WARNING: Scam Emails

If you are brand-new and get an email out of the blue from someone you do not know… If an email seems like a scam, it probably is.  Don’t email back – just delete.

Things to look for are…

  • misspellings
  • varying fonts
  • large orders
  • can’t use credit card – only money order/cashier’s check or check
  • they are deaf so you can’t call them
  • text only so you can’t call them
  • they don’t include all their info – only an email
  • requests for personal info…

NEVER respond to emails from someone who wants to pay by Cashier’s Check or Personal Check or Money Order… they are scams.

The content and the above clues can help you determine if it is spam or legit. Please also read the scam emails below as they keep resending variations of them. Forward the email to your Team Leader if you are not sure.

Scam Email Examples…

Ryan Sandcrest
He doesn’t include a phone number but wants yours.
Does not complete address on initial form.
He calls you an ambassador of usborne books.
Wants to pay via check.
Shipping to an apartment – not an official address.

Joe Wall as an Non-State Actor – others say NGO
(neither make sense!) 😉

Greg Hart – scam email… notice the typos!


GREAT JOB! You finished the Essentials column.

Contact your Team Leader. :-)